Full Version: Guidelines: How To Post A Trade
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Title Formatting.

Usable Keywords/Short Hands For "Selling"
  • [S] - Selling
  • [H] - Have
  • [WTS] - Want To Sell
What You're Selling
  • Either a Short List of The Items
  • A Numbered Amount of Certain Items

Body Formatting.
  • Price/s
  • Item/s
  • Any Side Notes (Paints, Parts, Spells, Ect.)
  • An Add and or Offer Link
  • Whether You Take Escrow (Trade Hold) or Not
Not Required
  • Links to Your Other Listings (Backpack, Outpost, Bazaar, Ect.)
  • Whether a Unusual is Clean or Not

Posts That Are Disallowed
  • Non-Trade Related