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Server Rules
[Image: 78pkgXq.png]

1) Scamming is not permitted. We here at TF2.Exchange hope to protect all of our users from scams, and scammers will be punished with a permanent ban from our server and a report to on the first offence.

2) Do not over-flood the voice or text chat with any kind of message, including trade advertisements. One warning will be issued, and upon the second warning the user will be gagged, muted, or both for 30 minutes. 

3) While everybody enjoys some good-natured banter, know your boundaries. Do not disrespect players, VIP members, or Administrators. Two warnings will be issued, and upon the third warning the user in question will be gagged, muted, or both for 30 minutes. This includes racist or overtly-offensive slurs.

4) Cooperate with staff. Interfering with spycrabs, melee matches, or other events will result in the user in question to be punished at the discretion of the acting administrator, up to and including permanent bans for repeat offenders.

5) Do not abuse the !calladmin command. One warning will be given, and upon the second warning administrative staff will inhibit a one day ban on the user in question. Upon the third logged offence, the ban time will jump to seven days. On the fourth logged offence, a permanent ban will be invoked.

6) Impersonating staff members is not permitted. A temporary ban of one day will be invoked on the first offence, and on the second a permanent ban follows. 

7) All spycrabs or melee matches must be moderated by a middleman from the TF2.Exchange staff in order for item bets to be placed above the value of one key. If you need a moderator, please use the !calladmin command. Place one call; do not spam the command.

8) TF2.Exchange does not condone any trades processed through non-steam sources, (PayPal, Gift Cards, etc.) nor do we accept responsibility in the event of a scam. Despite this, we will punish the scammer if this event occurs. 

9) Hacking is not permitted. A permanent ban will be issued on the first offence.

10) No pornographic or racist sprays. Violators will be punished at the discretion of the acting administrator.

 All decisions from the administrative staff are final. If you believe your punishment was unjust, you can contact the server owner Kippi on Steam or here on the forums to submit an appeal.

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