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ARS_791 ( )'s Staff Application
Steam Name & ID: ARS_791 / ARS_791 ( ) - Steam ID: 76561198123151330

Age: 15, 16 in July

Do you have any previous administration experience?

Not in TF2 servers, but I have been staff on servers for other games.

What interests you about being an administrator for us?

Getting back into TF2, and would love to help grow the server, so my friends and I, along with all other TF2 players have a fun and unique server to come on and trade or interact with other players.

How much time can you devote to the server?

Weekdays - Anywhere from 4PM - 10PM EST, Weekends - Anywhere from 10AM - 2AM EST

How would you describe your skills to work with a team?

I am good at setting up events and being strict when needed, I also can be laid back and relaxed if the time allows.

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