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Fella's Admin Application
Name:Jackson Ward

Age: 16

Steam Name & ID: TheGoodFella 

Do you have any previous administration experience?
I have over 100 hours of experience administrating for Dark RP on Gmod. I have also spent 300 hours trading on TF2, so I have lots of experience with the TF2 trading community.

What interests you about being an administrator for us?
The community is unlike anything I have ever come into contact with on TF2. I have known some of these people for close to 2 years and Genuinely care about the success of maintenance of this server..

How much time can you devote to the server?
Most days I will have homework, so I would have to say at least 2 hours a day. However, summer vacation is only a few weeks away and during that time I can spend MANY hours on the server.

How would you describe your skills to work with a team?
I work in teams very often for extra curricular activities.

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