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Sub's Administration Application
Name: SubZeroDestruction ; ❆SubZeroDestruction❆ ; 76561198145082209

Age: 16

Do you have any previous administration experience?

What interests you about being an administrator for us?
I personally like to help out communities when ever possible, by either having contact with admins of the server,
or just reminding players of rules that exist on the server itself so that no one gets in trouble for no reason.

I'd like to also help this server out so that there is as little of a chance of there ever being no one on that can help users who require it, and on top of that I would like to see the server itself thrive and have a community it can grow.

How much time can you devote to the server?

Overall  7-9 Hours. More time in certain situations.

Currently ~ Weekdays: 4PM-12AM | Weekends: 11AM-2AM
(With final tests coming up; the time might be a bit shorter however)

During the Summer ~ 11AM-3AM
(When ever I am awake until I die from sleep)

How would you describe your skills to work with a team?
I can work better when people know what they are doing, and or have a understanding
of each others roles regarding the task at hand.

I also currently work with a group of people in a TV/Video class, so working with others isn't impossible when it comes to myself.  
~ Sub
Congratulation SubZero. We'll be glad to take you on as a staff member.

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